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Identity theft is a serious crime that occurs when someone uses your name, social security number, credit card number or other identifying information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes.

There are numerous ways in which identity theft can occur – money missing from your checking account, fraudulent or suspicious charges on a credit card or a new account opening in your name, to name a few.

While you cannot completely prevent ID theft from occurring, there are ways to protect yourself. Taking proactive steps now can reduce the debilitating impacts of the crime and help you restore your good name more quickly.

Education is the key. Safeguard yourself against this crime today.

Identity Theft News Headlines

FTC says MoviePass “one movie per day” promise was a double feature of deception

Mon, 07 Jun 2021 14:42:38 -0400 - By Lesley Fair

As the fast-talking talent scout said in a hundred Hollywood classics, “I’m gonna put you in the movies!” MoviePass promised to put consumers in the movies – or at least in movie theaters – with its $9.95 per month “one movie per day” subscription plan.

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Helping you answer consumers’ privacy questions

Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:53:43 -0400 - By Lesley Fair

Even for people who work on the most arcane frontiers of technology, there is a line of questioning that leaves them scratching their heads wondering where to begin. It’s when a colleague, friend, or family member asks “OK, Mr. or Ms. Tech Guru. I read a scary article about online privacy. What should I do to protect myself?” or “I just bought this nifty smart device. How can I use it safely?” The FTC has a new resource to help you answer those questions.

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