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Identity theft is a serious crime that occurs when someone uses your name, social security number, credit card number or other identifying information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes.

There are numerous ways in which identity theft can occur – money missing from your checking account, fraudulent or suspicious charges on a credit card or a new account opening in your name, to name a few.

While you cannot completely prevent ID theft from occurring, there are ways to protect yourself. Taking proactive steps now can reduce the debilitating impacts of the crime and help you restore your good name more quickly.

Education is the key. Safeguard yourself against this crime today.

Identity Theft News Headlines

Why deceiving consumers is “highly illogical, Captain”

Fri, 05 Feb 2016 12:33:09 -0500 - By Lesley Fair

To quote everyone’s favorite Vulcan, “Live long and prosper.” But an FTC action against a San Francisco-based app company named Vulcun alleges that’s not what happened to consumers. According to the complaint, the company hit customers with an unfair and deceptive switcheroo of galactic proportions.

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FTC challenges company’s Made in USA claims

Tue, 02 Feb 2016 11:49:31 -0500 - By Lesley Fair

Why do so many companies advertise their products as “Made in the USA”?  Because they know that for a lot consumers, it’s an important attribute that may affect their choice of what to buy. The FTC has filed suit alleging that Chemence, Inc., falsely claimed that certain of its glue products were “Made in the USA” – or even “Proudly Made in the USA.”

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